Monthly Archives: April 2016

Celebration hearing

It’s been a while since I last blogged. Things are really busy what with looking after LO and going to work. As LO’s local authority is out of town, we could arrange another celebration hearing near to where we live. The big day finally came and we all dressed up. We were nervous and excited but it was very strange walking into a court during a weekday when there were people going to court for commiting crimes! Even though our hearing was at 9.30am, the judge was running late by 30 – 45 minutes and poor LO was getting bored. We had to find different ways to entertain her in a small waiting room so she wouldn’t get annoyed. We were finally met by the judge’s PA and followed him into the court. The judge was very nice and gave LO a teddy bear. She asked some questions and we had our photo taken with the judge which we will put in LO’s lifestory book later. The judge asked if we wanted to say anything extra to mark the occasion but we declined as we felt it was occasion enough. After 10 minutes, we had left the court and LO was firmly in our lives. It was a great moment and at the same time, a muted understated moment. After years of yearning, struggling, battling with awful social workers and feeling extreme highs and lows, we finally found our little child. To us, it was a momentous occasion and LO had no idea what was going on. I think to her, she got a teddy bear from a woman in a big room and then we went to lunch and that’s how it should be I suppose.