Monthly Archives: January 2016

Adoption order

Richard managed to get all the paper work into the court by their deadline. We were so grateful that he managed to do all the work on his own and completely annoyed that our agency let us down again. Days passed and the first court date came. It didn’t dominate the day but it was definitely in the back of our minds. We went to a soft play centre with LO and met with friends. On the way back home on the bus, my beloved received a phone call from Richard. With LO sitting on my lap, I waited with bated breath as I watched my beloved’s serious face as Richard talked to her and then suddenly, her face beamed and she gave me the thumbs up. I felt extremely relieved but had to wait until she got off the phone to get the confirmation. Apparently, birth mum did turn up at the court intending to contest but thought better of it. The judge granted the Adoption Order there and then so we didn’t have to wait for a second court date! I was over the moon. At last! After all jumping through so many hoops, feeling a range of highs and lows, our little girl was finally ours. I couldn’t describe the feeling. It had been a long haul but we finally became a family.