Onto our fourth social worker

So we were without a social worker yet again. To be honest, I am quite glad that we didn’t have a sw but that also meant that making LO officially ours would be delayed. Surprisingly we were allocated another sw quite quickly but I suspect it was because Richard and we were emailing the service manager and head of department.

We have now heard about our fourth social worker whom I shall call John. We weren’t too thrilled about this assignment to be honest as we have met him before. We met him in our prep group a few years ago and he was a student at the time so you would have expected him to be bright eyed and enthusaistic. However, when we broke into smaller groups to do a task, John was supposed to faciliate the group but instead, fell asleep. He fell asleep. It’s pretty impressive that he can fall asleep in a busy room, in front of a small group of people looking at him. Well, I tried to ignore this first impression he made and meet him with an open mind. During the first meeting, he seemed okay and friendly. We told him about Denise’s kitchen gate issue and outlined our strategy on how we would keep LO safe (without a gate) and he agreed that was fine.

Things looked slightly optimistic after our first meeting but unfortunately, this optimism hasn’t lasted long. He has visited a couple of times and he doesn’t listen and comes out with cliches. He doesn’t answer emails and I fear that we won’t get very far with him. He has asked us questions that were already covered during our home assessment (such as ‘how would you feel if LO brought a boy back home?’) which it seems odd to be asked now, considering we have a) covered all these things and been approved for adoption by a panel and b) we have been approved by the matching panel and had a child placed with us. He has also asked for a photo of us and some other strange things (list of all the addresses that we have ever lived at) which make it seem as if we are going through the assessment period again. We asked if he had this on file and he said he needs them again! He has asked for a copy of our PAR and then, when we told him that he already has it and we asked why he needs it (again), it became clear that he wanted a copy of LO’s Child Permanence Report (CPR). It is worrying that he doesn’t know the difference between a PAR and a CPR. Again, we said that he should have all of this on file, and again, he just asked for it once more. I’m really getting fed up with this incompetence and hope that we don’t have to deal with social workers for much longer.

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One thought on “Onto our fourth social worker

  1. thehouseofbailey August 24, 2015 at 10:12 pm

    We can sympathise completely. Our social workers kept delaying our adoption court hearing. They were worried about us being stressed and didn’t want to withdraw their support. Their “support” was the chief source of our stress, From our own experience – keep on their backs and speak your minds. Keep open communications with higher level managers or things just won’t get done. Processes might be different in different places, have you had a review with an independent reviewing officer. Ours made all the difference cut through the egos and crap and kicked some asses into shape. Good luck you will get there.

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