Life moves on without a social worker

So here we are again without a social worker for the 3rd time. Fortunately, we have LO and LO’s social worker, Richard who is keen to keep things moving. Our LAC review was set and unfortunately, I had to be at work due to an event that took place on the same day but Richard said it was fine for my beloved to meet him on her own. However, as the day drew nearer, I realised that maybe my beloved shouldn’t be on her own to contend with a child and three unknown adults in our small home (LO’s social worker, the IRO and ‘our’ social worker). Luckily our friend who is great with kids was free and she came to look after LO whilst my beloved talked to the adults. I’m glad that our friend did come over because it sounded like there was a lot of talking involved. Our LA sent a duty worker to stand in as our social worker. She apparently asked my beloved about the safety gate and she was satisfied with the safety measures we already have in place and thought that a gate wasn’t necessary.

LO behaved really well with our friend in LO’s bedroom. Our friend is a really close friend who has met LO many times before so we both felt that LO would be fine with her. Our friend was well briefed about LO and what the visit meant, so she didn’t come out of the bedroom as she didn’t want to break the spell of LO being okay. She also didn’t want to change LO’s nappy when she did a poo as she didn’t know how LO would react to her changing her nappy, but she also didn’t want to interrupt my beloved, so our poor friend sat in a room filled with the overwhelming stench of poo. Now that’s loyalty for you!

My beloved fed back that the LAC review went very well. The IRO has known LO for most of her life and he said he could see we are doing a great job and that he would not hesitate to recommend that we adopt LO. It was such a relief that the first LAC review went well!

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