Meetings and things

Amongst all the excitement, I forgot about the official bit. Since LO moved in with us, we have had to have fortnightly vists from LO’s social worker (I can’t believe I haven’t named him yet – I shall call him Richard). As Richard is from out of town, Denise and Richard will be doing alternate visits. After 4 weeks, we are due to have a LAC (looked after children) review held by an independent reviewing officer. S/he will come to our house and ensure that everything is as it should be.

Once we are 10 weeks into the placement, we can apply for the Adoption Order which is the court order to make LO legally ours. If we don’t get this within 3 months after the LAC review, we will need another LAC review. Hopefully though, we aim to apply before that!

In the meantime, Denise has to write a summary about us to give to the birth parents. It is like a profile of us but with no identifiying features. This is so the birth parents know something about the people who are looking after their birth child. We were happy to do it and looked over at what Denise had sent through.

Richard is really nice but this is his first adoption case as he has moved from a different part of social work to the adoption team so there are a lot of questions that he doesn’t have the answers to. However, unlike Denise, he is honest about this and tries to get answers from his manager. I do find it odd however, as it is quite a journey for him to make, and when we do see him, he doesn’t really have much to say or ask. Maybe he is satisfied with the way we are caring for LO – or that’s how I like to see it!

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