Meeting Foster Carers

Social services asked if we could meet the foster carers as to show LO that she wasn’t ‘abandoned’ by them. We arranged to meet the foster carers today and we were a bit worried about how it would go and how LO would react. I have read about other children’s experiences and how upset they became afterwards. This was for older children though but I still wondered if LO would somehow recognise them but wouldn’t be able to place them and how she would react after we had left. However, LO pulled it out of the bag again and she was great. We met in a mutual place – it is very important that it wasn’t in each other’s houses. We planned it so she would be asleep on the trains and that worked out perfectly as she was refreshed when we met. She was very happy to see them and was very comfortable being held by them. It was so cute to see her little face light up. We had lunch and she played with them and they were very happy to see her of course! It is lucky that we get on with them and we have agreed to keep in contact. We took some photos to add to her life story book.

What was nice about it was that she still knew who we were. When we left, LO was very happy and wasn’t upset at all. We got the train back and she slept most of the way and woke up happy again. She was, and is, a little star.

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One thought on “Meeting Foster Carers

  1. pepibebe March 23, 2015 at 2:37 am

    Yay – and so nice for them to see her too :>

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