Sing along

We took LO to sing along which is a free thing for little ones in our local library. Basically, there are lots of babies shaking maracas, tambourines, bells and parents singing along and doing the actions. We have been going for a while now and it is become really busy. There is one song in which you hoist your child up in the air at certain times of the song. It was very surreal seeing lots of babies and toddlers being held up in the air at the same time and then I thought if I find this surreal, how surreal does LO find this?? We are starting to recognise the same people though and hopefully will make some friends, particularly for my beloved as she is going to be on adoption leave.

What is really cute though is that LO doesn’t really sing along but she sings and moves her hands when she is in the buggy, on the way home. She is clearly processing everything she has experienced and seems to enjoy it so this is definitely going to be a regular thing.

It is strange to think that we wouldn’t have been party to this if we didn’t have LO. It is like some not-so-secret underground world of parenthood. Anyhow, singing together is a lovely, embracing sensation and it feels as if we are part of the community. I can now understand why religious groups and choirs sing together.

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