Back to work

So after a lovely long time with our LO, I had to go back to work. I shouldn’t really complain as I’ve had a lot more time off than the usual 2 weeks that other people get, but I’ve really, really, really loved being with LO and my beloved. We woke up at 6am, got ready and got LO up at 6.30am so we could have 30 minutes for breakfast and a little play before I had to leave. It was so sad to say goodbye to my beautiful girls and I was missing them loads. I hurried home as soon as I could to give LO a bath and put her to bed. We got a routine going for the first week but LO was not happy about it. Apparently from the second day onwards, my beloved told me that LO didn’t want to be put down for her morning nap and got really distressed. She held her in her arms and she fell asleep. It could be because she was ill and teething but when I put her down to sleep on the Saturday, she moaned a little but settled herself, which suggests she was feeling a little anxious about being left.

After the first week of work, we had a lovely weekend together. Monday rolled on far too quickly and I was back at work again. When I got home, LO gave me a big smile and a hug. She then wanted to go back to my beloved which was fine but when we all sat down to play, I shook a rattle and she started to cry and to cling to my beloved. It broke my heart a little and I got a bit sad that she clung onto my beloved and didn’t want to be with me. However, we then played a game of her being walked into my arms and then being walked into my beloved’s arms for a big hug and kiss (a game she loves). We then sang a few of her favourite nursery rhymes in a circle but she was still a bit clingy. It made me feel a bit better when my beloved said that she has been out-of-sorts all day and it wasn’t just because of me. Poor little thing is still coughing at night due to a cold and so her sleep is being disturbed. She is also teething. So all things combined, it is understandable that she is a little clingy. I gave her a bath and we had some good times interacting with each other and pulling funny faces at each other. I put her to bed and she slept soundly. Here’s hoping we all get used to the new schedule.

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