Holiday coming to an end

Only a few more days until I have to go to work. With a combination of partner’s leave and annual leave, I have had quite a number of weeks off and I really don’t want to go back. I’m going to miss spending my days with LO and my beloved. LO is really good company and I love them both very much. LO is developing all the time and doing new things which are quite little but mean a lot. For example, when she first came to us, she would take things out of a box but now she puts things in. We have a toy xylophone and at first, she would put the xylophone stick in her mouth. Now, she tries to hit the keys with it. These things may not seem much but they show that she is developing and her brain has processed new things so she can do them. Today, LO stood on her own! She was standing next to my beloved who let go of her and she stood for about 3 seconds without holding onto anything. It was very exciting and momentous!

To celebrate, I’ve included my very first picture which is the obligatory shoe snap that I’ve seen done a few times on other blogs.


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One thought on “Holiday coming to an end

  1. AdoptiveNYMomma February 26, 2015 at 2:06 am

    What wonderful accomplishments. So happy she is progressing.

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