Medical things and nightmares

We were told to register LO with our GP when she was placed with us and to apply for child benefit. We have done both. I’ve made an appointment for LO to have a check up by a doctor but when does she need to see the health visitor? I assume I have to make an appointment but it’s little things like that, that no one tells you.

The reason I want to see the health visitor is because LO has a bottle of formula to have whilst she falls asleep. It works wonders but I have read that it can be very bad for the baby’s mouth as milk pools in their mouth. Also, she is coming up to a year old and I’ve also read that weaning them off bottles should occur sooner rather than later as after 18 months, they can become quite attached to their bottle. The sad thing is, is that LO has also had one or two nightmares (which we’ve been told is unusual for her) but understandably so, as there has been a big change in her life. We can cuddle her and comfort her as much as we like but she will not go down without a bottle. I would like to get to the point where we don’t need a bottle anymore and comfort alone will work. I know it’s still early days and can’t believe it has only been just over two weeks since we really met her. We can get quite downhearted when she is upset but then I remember how far she has come with us in just two weeks and it gives me heart that it will work out and yes, it is still early days.

Poor little lamb, I wonder what goes on in her little head. She is quite cheery in the morning and hope that this big change doesn’t affect her too much. So tomorrow, I’ll ring the GP and see if we can make an appointment with the health visitor or baby clinic, or both!

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