One week on

The good news is that I’ve managed to sleep without drugs – hooray! I feel so much better now and back to my old self. It’s so nice to feel like myself again and that I can really enjoy being with LO. Poor little thing is still a bit under the weather but it doesn’t stop her being a happy little girl.

She is already learning so fast. At first, she used to chew books but now she is enjoying books and she is learning to put things in containers (rather than taking them out), she enjoys eating new foods and being outdoors. We are of course doing all these things slowly and one at a time so not to overwhelm her.

My parents have met LO and they are smitten with her. We have also Skyped with other members of the family and she seems to be okay after she warmed to them. She is very nosy which is a good thing as she is easily distracted. She seems much more relaxed now and can play a bit on her own without requiring our constant attention.

It’s so lovely to see LO settling in and us too are settling in with her. We are learning her routines and understanding what works well for her and what doesn’t. Thank God for the internet and sites about what babies her age can eat and can’t eat. Everyday we are finding out more about her and loving everything we discover.

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