Good and bad days

It’s been nearly a week since LO has moved in. There have been good days and not such good days. The good days thankfully, have outnumbered the bad days. I am amazed at how resilient and adaptable LO is: she has been taken away from all that she knew and has to adapt to a new living space, new people and – sort of – new routines. Overall, she has been a super girl. The only bad days are when her sleep has been disrupted (which, after all, is completely understandable). We are still trying to find out the best routine for her (as she didn’t have one before, apparently). We have found out that she likes to see new people and/or new environments in the afternoon as I think she gets bored of us and sitting in the same old room (which, again I can completely understand!). Social services advise not to introduce too many people too quickly to her but she came from a foster family with a very busy household and we are doing it very carefully. We ensure that we are the ones who hold her, feed her and make her feel reassured when she first meets new people.

I am still not sleeping and my cold is getting worse. It is very difficult being ill being in this situation. It is unrelenting. Thank God for coffee and peanut butter! I just need a break and I need sleep. I have no idea what my body is doing, it feels as if my body is sabotaging me. Every time I’m about to fall asleep, I let out a sharp snort of breath through my nose and wake myself up! The worse thing is that my beloved and LO are now feeling under the weather too – oh no! Here’s hoping that we all feel better soon!

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