Day 7 – Introductions

This is the last day of introductions. The second half of the week is geared towards LO spending most of her time with us and we take over her care, so she has been coming over to our apartment and we’ve been feeding her, bathing her and putting her to bed. The second half of the week has been the most intense time. She is lovely but bless her, she’s not used to just two people spending time with her (she’s used to a busy household) so she gets grouchy and she’s tired a lot earlier than normal. She has also been clingy and moany. We then start having self doubts about being good parents and have we made her this way? etc. etc. However, I think that when she gets into a routine at our home and gets more used to us, her old self will come out again (I hope).

It has been very tiring as we have had full days of entertaining each other followed by her melt down which occurs each time she is in a taxi. My beloved and I came away yesterday feeling like we’ve run a marathon. It has been particularly hard for me as I haven’t been sleeping very well. Every night this week, I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night and can’t sleep at all. Clearly this intense time is doing something to me. However, we both are learning so much about her every day though and we miss her so much when we leave her. We also feel relieved when we first see her each day.

Anyway, tomorrow is when we take her home. We are not looking forward to the car journey home as LO has hated the taxi journeys so far. We have an emergency bag with her favourite toys and foods. We hope that she falls asleep for most of the journey but we’ll just have to wait and see. I just wish we could click our heels and get her home!

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