Day 5 – Introductions

Today we had LO for a lot longer. We realised that we should have some chilled play time rather than going out and doing something out-of-the-ordinary. We were told that LO had woken up early so would probably need a nap so we tried… and we tried… but LO was having none of it. She just wanted to play which also meant that she wasn’t really hungry either. In the end, we managed to put her in the buggy and wheel her around so she eventually fell asleep but only for 40 minutes and she ate a little. We felt like such fools and poor little thing has to endure us making a pig’s ear of changing nappies/putting her to sleep/feeding her/you name it.

Anyway, we had a good time playing and went to the shops which she loved. However, it was quite difficult because we weren’t at home and couldn’t do our normal things. When it came to taking her home, the taxi was late and LO didn’t like to be in her car seat. My beloved tried to put secure the car seat to the taxi but the seat belt was playing up so the taxi driver tried to do it. LO did not like that one bit. To be fair, it was a bit scary being put in a car seat in the night and a stranger looming over you. LO cried her eyes out and my beloved took her out of the seat and she clung onto her like a little monkey, looking really scared. She managed to calm down but she had a little sob now and then and it broke our hearts seeing her upset (particularly as she never really cries). It was then that I realised that I would do anything for that little girl and that she really was/is my daughter. Like all children, LO got over it and was back to her cheery self when we got back to the foster carer’s house. Again, we fed and bathed her and put her to bed. Everyday, we learn something new about her and definitely will make sure that she sleeps on time. We just can’t wait to take her home.

The foster carers have been absolutely amazing. They have tried their best to make sure we spend time with LO without being there. They have let us use their own home as if it was ours to ensure that we take over the care for LO even though it must be difficult for them. I’m sure LO would not be so accommodating to us if it wasn’t for the foster carers.

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