Day 4 – Introductions

On the fourth day of the introductions, we brought LO back to our place. It was the longest time we had her without the foster carer and it was D-Day. LO came back to our apartment and my beloved managed to get her off to sleep. It was quite difficult as we don’t have a separate bedroom for her so she was a bit confused. I left my beloved and LO together as she was unsettled with both of us there. Whilst I sat in the kitchen, I got a bit hungry so starting munching on some crisps. However, it was too loud so I ended up sitting on the bathroom floor eating crisps, next to the toilet. I never thought I would end up doing that. Anyway, after a while she managed to go to sleep.

Whilst she slept on our massive king-sized bed, she looked so small and it suddenly hit me that this was going to be our daughter. It was so exciting and we both grinned inanely as this little person asleep on our bed. She is perfect for us too. She is funny, smart and sturdy that you can throw her in the air and she loves it. She is the best little thing.

When she awoke, we went to the park which was a little way away. However, LO was not used to going outside so we think that maybe this was a bit too much for her, particularly as it was cold. We will start doing little trips outside and build it up.

We played some more and then took her back to the foster carers. She had a little smile when she got back to familiar surroundings but it was a good sign that she didn’t seem relieved to be away from us. We fed her and put her to bed and it was a great day.

NB: Those who follow my blog may be a bit confused as I posted a post yesterday which should have been after this post, so I will re-post the other after this one! Apologies for the mix-up. I think I got a little lost as the first day of intros didn’t happen.

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