The last days as non-parents

Since the matching panel, we have been on full speed. My beloved painted the LO’s room, we bought various baby things and family and friends have been really generous with giving us loads of things. We had a great party to celebrate and everyone was really happy for us. We have been walking on clouds and it doesn’t feel real at all.

As time gets closer, we are also doing things that we know we can’t do for much longer such as going out to eat at nice restaurants, seeing friends on a whim, going out in general at night. My beloved had gone out the other night and I really enjoyed my time at home on my own. Maybe it was because I knew out was one of my last nights where I could do what I liked and I wasn’t responsible for a little one. My life is going to change and a part of me is mourning the loss of my life now but it is going to be replaced by a new life filled with joy and new challenges and the thought of LO being in my life far outweighs the loss of my old life.

It is funny how friends have become teary when they heard that lo will be our daughter and that myself and my beloved haven’t become teary at all. Maybe it’s because they have witnessed our long struggle and it’s finally coming to fruition and that we haven’t really because we are in it. Only a few more days now until introductions start!

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