Preparation for meeting the LO

After our most amazing day, we have let ourselves get a little more excited about LO. We’ve been showing photos to family and close friends. We are now getting the room ready for LO and getting some things ready before the matching panel.

Denise told us to laminate A4 photos of our faces (clear ones) so they can be put around for LO to see at the foster carers’ house. We have also created a talking book so when she opens the flaps, she sees a photo of us/me/my beloved and hears our voices. We have also worn t-shirts so LO can smell us. We also created a family book with pictures of us and each room of the house. In each photo, we have a cuddly toy somewhere in the photo and when we get to meet her, we take this cuddly toy with us to give to her. We have also slept with this toy so it smells of us. This is all so LO will transition easier and we are familiar to hear by the time we meet her. I can’t wait!

It’s difficult to remember that it is one step at a time and we now have to wait for matching panel. Waiting is horrible so the only way to pass the time quicker is to get our house in order. So painting, reading, toy/equipment scrounging (asking friends and family for baby things) and baby-proofing the house are all in order!

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