Proven wrong

Well after my negative social worker bashing, it seems I was proven wrong. LO’s family finder has indeed done her paperwork and asked us to fill in a section. She still wants us to go to panel within the month! A couple days later, we have a provisional date to meet the foster carer and medical advisor and received reports from the foster carer and medical advisor. It seems like it’s really happening and my beloved is getting quite excited. I have had to refrain her from buying furniture! I don’t know, for me, I’m not getting excited at all. I think that after last time, I am self-preserving myself. I can’t believe that it is happening. Maybe I can’t let myself believe that it is happening as it was very emotionally difficult when the last match fell through. I think that maybe when it is nearer the time, I will get more excited. It is so strange to think that I may have a child soon!

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