LO medical

So since we’ve made our decision, things have moved on at a snail’s pace. The medical advisor finally met with LO (I don’t know why it wasn’t done earlier. Her first and only medical was conducted when she was 6 weeks old and now she’s 8 months…) and we didn’t hear anything. I talked to Denise on the Friday after the medical for an update and she was going to talk to LO’s social worker on the Monday. 5 days after LO’s medical, Denise forwarded an email that she had received on the actual day of the medical, but she had forgotten to send it! I understand things can slipped someone’s mind but we had talked during this time and surely she would have remembered then? I understand that this is just a job to Denise but this is our future child we are talking about and it seems that Denise has no idea what it feels like to be on tender hooks all the time. I must stay positive. At least LO didn’t have any serious concerns as far as I’m aware. I mean, we still don’t really know as we haven’t received the medical report! We are also still waiting to meet the foster carer and the medical advisor but apparently it’s the medical advisor who is holding things up. I don’t know how LO’s social worker is going to get the paperwork done in time for the panel date in a few weeks time!

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