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Things are still going very slowly to the point of a stand still. We have heard back from a social worker about one child but he has quite complex medical needs and we need to have a long, hard think about whether we can take him on. It’s going to be a difficult decision but as I’ve said before, we have to be honest about what we can do for the best of everyone as we would hate for an adoption to break down.

Whilst waiting for an appropriate time to talk to my beloved, I was looking at various websites to see if there were any children available for adoption. I noticed a boy that we had asked about a few months ago but didn’t receive a reply. We first thought he may have been adopted but then we saw him again on the same website and tried to contact his social worker again through the website (giving the social worker the benefit of the doubt thinking that maybe she didn’t receive our first email) but we heard nothing again.

The poor boy is still on the website but he is now 4 years old (he was 3 when we first asked about him) and there is a new photo of him looking much older. This made me very sad as he is still in care and here we are, two people willing to give someone a home. I understand that we may not be suitable for everyone, however, at least let us know why or give us some sort of reply. I do wonder what goes on in some social workers’ minds.

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