Lots of thinking to be done

After the visit to the foster carers and the medical advisor, we came away feeling undeterred by all the information we received. We heard nothing that surprised us but we felt that we should give it a long hard thought to ensure that we are doing the right thing. So we chatted and chatted to ensure that we were both on board.

We already knew that we wanted him but we had to make sure. However, one thing that I didn’t imagine feeling was guilt. We felt very guilty about taking this little boy away from the only people he has built an attachment to and taking him from lovely nature surroundings and bringing him to a city. However, if he can’t stay where he is, we felt that we will be the best people for him as we have had experience with working with children who have conditions that he may potentially have.

We told Denise that we still wanted to pursue this match and explained our reasons why. She obviously wanted to talk to both of us to ensure that we both felt the same way. She was supposed to meet James’ social worker to make the match official a couple of days later. However, Denise couldn’t make it but then realised she could (don’t ask) but the chairing manager couldn’t make it now. Now we are waiting for a new date that they could make. More waiting…

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