Foster carer & Medical advisor visit

We travelled to see James’ foster carer and medical advisor near where he lives. It was very strange to think that our potential son is somewhere nearby. It is also strange to think that all these adults are thinking and talking about him, and we are getting emotionally attached to the idea of him and he has no idea that we exist or that any of this is happening.

Our train was delayed by a couple of hours on the way there and it was most frustrating, particularly as I argued about the appointment going ahead in the morning. It felt like we were never going to get there but we did in the end. The foster carers were lovely enough to wait for us and they talked non-stop about him for 2.5 hours. They clearly adored him and they knew it was going to be emotionally hard for them to give him up. We learnt a lot more about him, his routine, his likes/dislikes and we could really picture him.

Afterwards, we went to meet the Medical Advisor. Unfortunately, she was not as lovely. She was quite flippant and arrogant and talked more in general terms about medical conditions, rather than about James. However, we couldn’t deny the fact that there were some concerns she had about him and regardless of what we thought of her and her over-diagnosis of things, there are potentially some issues that we need to think about. Now we have to go away and think about all we have heard and come to a decision about whether we want to proceed. What a crazy day.


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