The wait continues

We had the second opinion visit for James. There were two social workers this time and it was much more intensive than the first. There were a lot more questions than the first. It went okay and think it was pretty positive. We should hear in a few days time.

I feel like I’ve gotten over the hump of emotions now and am feeling more laid back about the situation. There is only so much we can do and the rest is up to the social workers and my stressing won’t make them get back to me any faster. I think I feel calmer because I feel that James will be ours at some point and so I will just have to wait.

In the meantime, we have a meeting set up with the medical adviser and James’ foster carer in a few weeks time. This is so we can find out more about him. It clearly shows that his social worker thinks we will be matched with him as she has arranged this before we have heard about the second opinion! This gives me hope.

If we decide to still proceed with the match after hearing more from the medical adviser and the foster carer, then ours and his social workers will need to meet without us to make it official. Here’s hoping we get that far.

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