Second visit

Whilst we are waiting to hear about Louis’ match after meeting his social workers, we met James’ social workers at our home. We felt more confident for this visit as we knew what to expect and we decided we should be more enthusiastic and show the social worker just how much we wanted him.

The visit was completely different to Louis’ visit. There was only one social worker for a start and she didn’t have a list of questions or take any notes. It was more of a chat (in which I mean we were selling ourselves and what we had to offer) and she asked a few questions. It seemed to us that she had already made up her mind and just wanted to meet us to confirm what she thought, whereas it felt that we had to defend ourselves with Louis’ social workers.

She showed us photos of James and a couple of short videos of him. Our hearts just melted at this little boy who seemed very knowledgeable and settled considering the difficult start he had in his short life.

James’ social worker knew that we were considering another child and she was okay with this. She said she was not going to pursue any other queries until she has heard our decision!

The meeting lasted about 2.5 hours and we felt so elated and excited that she thought we would be a good match. We felt so many emotions that for the first time, the prospect of getting a child was closer than ever.

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