Preparing for the visit

Shortly after our meeting with Denise, she followed up again on James’ social worker and they want to meet us! It has really buoyed us up, knowing that two different social workers think we could potentially be someone’s parent!

We are still waiting to meet and getting our house and ourselves prepped and ready. So how do we prep for such a meeting I hear you cry? Well, I looked at forums to see what other people did. Other people were very helpful in preparing for that all too important visit. So here’s a list:

  • We read the child’s report (which was sent to us when our social worker sent our profile to the child’s social worker) and thought about all the questions we could think to ask the social workers (we wrote these down to as we will most probably forget). These questions included any ambiguities in the report, any questions that just cropped up in our heads, any health issues, any potential health issues, personality, behaviour management, what the child is like etc.
  • We also read the text that we sent to the social worker about how we can meet his needs – we would need to do read through James’ report and think of what needs he will have and how we could meet them.
  • We looked through the report on us and thought of any potential questions they may ask us (e.g. finance, male role models, dealing with teasing, homophobia) and then talking through our answers together.
  • Reading up on any ambiguous potential health difficulties or conditions that may occur in the child (e.g. if mother took drugs or alcohol during birth etc.) to see the impact on the child and if we could take this on.
  • Preparing the child’s bedroom so it is empty enough with child friendly accessories (which look like an adult would have anyway and not too childishly freaky to have if you are an adult) so they can imagine this room being a child’s bedroom.
  • Get appropriate provisions in (coffee, tea, milk, juice, biscuits, easy to eat fruit (the option for the healthier social worker).
  • Clean! Clean! Clean!

We are very excited and hopefully we can move onto the next step of this long, long journey!

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