Touching base

Louis’ social workers have got back to us! They scheduled the meeting a month later which I thought was strange considering the pressure of having to match children sooner rather than later. However we are still thrilled that they want to meet us.

Denise wanted to meet us to go through about what to expect from the meeting. I have to say that it was a good idea as we had only met her once and had discussions over the phone and over the email. I thought it would be good to meet her to touch base and remind each other that we are human and fighting for the same corner!

She met at our house and went through the meeting. The social workers (there are always two who visit) will usually give an update about the child and then ask if we have any questions. Then the real meat of the visit will be asking us questions. They would also want to see our house and they may have photos/videos of the child. It apparently lasts about 1.5 to 2 hours. I imagine it will be quite a nerve wracking time but we are quite excited.

We are still waiting to hear back from James’ social workers to see if they want to meet us. Denise contacted his social worker who said she needed to talk to her manager first – this of course, got our minds racing about why? Why does she need to talk to her manager? Is there something in our report that concerns her? Has something else that happened?! So many questions which are probably all the result of frantic worrying! What is happening to me?

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