Roller coaster of emotions

We haven’t heard from Louis’ social workers about a date to meet and wondered why. We wondered if we are the ‘back up’ option, possibly as we were a same sex couple and they might be holding out for another potential adopter. It is quite easy to become paranoid due to the non-communication during a particularly anxious and stressful time. We are desperate to be parents and feel frustrated at times as too rightly, the child should be the main concern but it does feel that sometimes potential adopters’ emotions are forgotten about.

Anyway, sorry for sounding so negative – I don’t mean to be! Denise sent us another profile of a 3 year old boy called James (obviously not his real name). He is very cute and matches our ethnicity which is quite rare. We expressed our interest and we received his full form quite soon afterwards. Unusually for us, his social workers were interested in us (they saw our profile) but we didn’t hear about him for a while as we were considering Louis and the other boy (who I mentioned a couple of posts previously). However, Denise found out that we can consider up to 3 children so she sent us James’ profile. We are quite excited about James too as his personality and likes seemed to match ours. With bated breath, we are waiting for James’ social worker to read out profile and see if they want to meet us. We are really keen on both of these boys so it’s quite difficult waiting to hear from their social workers. It certainly is a good lesson on how to be patient!

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