A mixed bag

A mixed bag of news. First of all, the good news – one of the boys’ social worker wants to meet us! We are ecstatic to hear that we may be one step closer to having a child. We are waiting to hear about a date to take off work, clean and do general preparation before we meet. I’ve read some useful advice from the wise peeps off New Family Social. However, I feel like I need some time to let the news soak in before I do some real prep (and nearer to the date of the meeting). Let’s call him Louis.

The other bit of not so good news is that we didn’t get shortlisted for the other boy. This is quite sad but good for him. This boy was younger and so, I imagined he would have been quite popular. However, a little bit of me did wonder if the reason we didn’t get shortlisted was because Denise didn’t send our report until 11 days later (when we sent off our initial blurb about how we would need his needs, his social worker responded and wanted to read more about us). He was quite a close match to us ethnically so we thought we might have been in with a chance. However, it seems as if the boy’s social worker has already met one couple in the time it took Denise to send our information. Hmmm… I suppose there’s no point reading too much into it as we won’t find out the truth anyway. It’s a bit of a learning curve though. It’s funny as I did think I was going to be more upset than I am. I remember reading someone else’s blog, saying that you need to have time to ‘mourn’ that child that you imagined being your child. However, I don’t feel like I need to mourn as I don’t really know much about this boy anyway. We didn’t get to read his report or see any videos or anything like that.

Denise also sent us another profile of a child. She looks like a sweet girl but for some reason, I didn’t feel any ‘spark’. I have no idea why as there is nothing wrong with her. I’m not entirely sure if I should just dismiss her because of the no spark. It may completely be different if I find out more about her. She is a child after all. I shall see what the beloved says.

Anyway to end on a high, we still have a social worker’s visit to contend with!

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