social worker no 3

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged but fortunately, this is because things have started to move. After panel, I followed up on that child that was in ‘Children who wait’ (I had spotted her before panel and hadn’t seen her again but Sandra said to contact the social worker just in case). Fortunately for her, but unfortunately for us, she had already been matched. We looked for children on ‘Children who wait’ and contacted their social workers. Surprisingly, children social workers were very quick at replying and asked for our social worker’s contact details so they could get our profile. As we didn’t have a social worker at the time, we gave the Deputy Manager’s details (The person who told us to be proactive about searching), and asked if she could send on our profile. However, after a week, the children’s social workers came back to us saying they haven’t heard anything. We tried contacting the Deputy Manager via phone and email but she didn’t get back to us. It was so frustrating at the time as how could we progress if our information wasn’t being sent? We also didn’t know if we were on the National register so that children’s social workers could contact us.

After a month of getting nowhere, we sent an email to the Deputy Manager, copying in her manager. Unsurprisingly, this spurred her into action and we got an email back. Soon after, she contacted us again and told us we had a social worker allocated to us. I shall name her Denise.

Denise got in contact and after a few email exchanges, we arranged to meet with social worker no.2, Sandra, at our home. It went very well. Denise is fantastic. She is efficient and eager and we were gobsmacked when she asked how often would we like to meet her! We talked about what children we were interested in and showed some profiles. She took down some action points (yes action points) and informed us that she would be in touch. Soon after, she got in touch, and followed up on her notes. It is so refreshing after waiting so long and now it feels as if things are finally moving.

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