Monthly Archives: January 2014

No news

Hello all. It’s been a while since I’ve posted but that’s because nothing much has happened since panel date. Christmas has been in the middle of it but I’m not holding my breath with our local authority. We emailed to ask about having a new social worker and the deputy manager said she would let us know. We have heard nothing so far.

I’ve seen a programme advertised about adoption which implies that there aren’t many adopters out there for the amount of children in care. However, it seems to me that it isn’t necessarily the lack of adoptors or potential adoptors, but more the lack of social workers. Most people in our prep group have been approved, some are still waiting. Some people have had more than one social worker during this process due to one thing or another and some have had students complete their home study due to the lack of staff. However, no one have been matched so far and we started prep groups in February last year. It is really sad that this is the case and the media and government should focus on the lack of funding for social work posts.

One thing that was made painfully clear when we talked to the deputy manager after the panel was that we were the ones who had to be proactive looking for children. This is difficult as we can only see a very limited amount of children on ‘Children who wait’ and we are not allowed to see the national register. Hopefully, some children’s social workers will contact us instead.

I shall get off my soap box now and hopefully, I’ll be able to post some news soon.