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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope you all have a good day. Let’s see if this is the last Christmas on our own ;).

MERRY CHRISTMAS and I hope 2014 brings great things!

Adoption UK

We joined Adoption UK as recommended by Sandra. It is a great resource as there are training courses, a forum and other useful things online and in print. We also subscribe to the magazine version and online version of ‘Children who wait’. I’ve mentioned this before but if you have not heard of it, it contains profiles of children who are looking to be adopted. (I can’t remember if I mentioned this magazine, I think I have so apologies if you have heard of this before) It’s very sad and horrible as you feel like you are shopping. However, looking at these profiles makes the whole process real and made us realise that race is not such a big thing after all.

If you are going through the adoption process, I thoroughly recommend joining Adoption UK.


Well, so much has happened since I last blogged. Sandra went quiet for a while and we were a bit worried about that. However, we found out that she was busy getting our case ready for panel. She sent us a copy of our PAR form. She tried to incorporate our previous social worker’s notes (Lucy). However, the form was disjointed and it didn’t make sense. It seems that Lucy didn’t write in whole sentences and we couldn’t really understand it. Poor Sandra did her best. After chatting to Sandra, we made a lot of changes and sent them back to her. Then it seemed that we were going to panel in December after all! Sandra said we would hear from the panel’s secretary about the place and time.

This was great as even though we could have waited another month, we really wanted to get the panel sorted before the end of the year as it seemed as if the approval process was dragging on. So we waited for the panel letter, and we waited… and we waited. It got to the day before the panel and we still didn’t know where we needed to be. I emailed Sandra and she sent us a copy of the letter and we read and reread our form in preparation. Funnily enough, we weren’t nervous at all until that is, we got to the venue on the day.

We met Sandra in the waiting room and the nerves kicked in. Sandra said that the panel chair would come down to say hello and to tell us what kinds of questions the panel may have for us. After what seemed an age, the chair came to say hi and told us the areas of questions the panel had. We followed her up to the room and there were about 10 people sitting around the table. They introduced themselves and it consisted of social workers, medical advisors, adopters and adoptees (who may also be adopters). At first, it was a bit intimidating but they all seemed friendly and the questions weren’t scary or difficult.

After about 10 minutes of talking, we were asked to go outside and we would be called in after a decision had been made. We went outside and after about 5 seconds, we were called back in. We were approved! It was great to hear, especially after everything that has happened. The Chair outlined the reasons why we were approved and we wished them a Merry Christmas and left. We were thrilled and were very relieved.

We chatted Sandra who was very happy for us. I mentioned about a little girl we had seen in ‘Children who wait’ but thought she had been adopted as we hadn’t seen her for a while. Sandra suggested that this was not necessarily the case and that we should email the child’s social worker to see if she is looking for an adopter.

Sandra’s manager was also there and we asked about who was going to be our social worker now as Sandra is independent. The manager said she didn’t know who our social worker was going to be and that it wouldn’t be Sandra. This is tragic as we like Sandra but as she is independent, she wouldn’t necessarily know which children would be available for placing in our agency. It’s a real shame that we now also have to wait for another social worker and hope that it doesn’t take as long as last time.

However, we are thrilled that we have finally been approved and are now waiting for the approval letter from the agency’s decision maker. Christmas is around the corner so we aren’t expecting things to happen until the New Year. Being approved is like getting an extra Christmas present!