Meeting referees and yet another rant

So Sandra has met with our friends who we nominated as referees. Our LA contacted our friends months ago and said that they needed a form completed and sent back within 2 weeks… which they did. So our friends’ forms have been sitting in our LA’s office, gathering dust for months. This was the same thing that happened with my doctor’s form. I received an email from the LA’s administrator saying that I need to send a form to their office as soon as possible and suggesting that I hand delivered the letter as it was so overdue. This would have meant that I take time off from work and go to their office to give them a form I had sent three months ago, on the same day that they asked for it! They apologised (by each person at the LA involved, blaming the other) but I was fuming. I have heard of inefficiencies within local authorities but it really annoys me that our approval process has taken so long because of it. Sometimes it feels like we are 100% committed to the adoption process and that the LA aren’t anywhere near that. It’s also quite sad when you think of all the children waiting in care and that they may have to wait longer due to a department’s inefficiency.

Anyway, that’s enough ranting for one post! That’s all I seem to do nowadays but this process can be quite frustrating. However, the silver lining of the cloud is that Sandra said that her manager wants to get us to panel in December (maybe because it would have taken a whole year to get the process completed and that would not look good in their reporting statistics). However Sandra also has to get two other cases to panel as a priority – I wondered how long they have been waiting. So now we are waiting to hear about whether we are going to panel in December or in the New Year. Fingers crossed it will be in December.

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