So behind in posts – home study continues!

Well I have neglected my blog as there has been lots going on for once! I’ll try and catch up on my entries rather than providing a very long entry here.

So the last time I blogged in August (sorry), my beloved had emailed the LA service manager to ask what was happening with our case. We heard nothing. A week past and my beloved emailed again, quoting their service charter about how they aim to get the home study done within 8 months from initial enquiry I think (what a joke). Lo and behold, that very same day, the manager emailed back and she was ‘just composing an email’ to us when she got an email from my beloved. What a coincidence!

In the next instant, we receive another email from the social worker, Sandra who apologises as the LA service manager hadn’t sent her our case but had sent her our form just then. I wonder how long our case would have sat in the service manager’s in-tray unless we emailed.

Well, I shouldn’t be too harsh as I was too busy changing jobs anyway. My job was too stressful and being on call at weekends with no room for promotion or wage increases. Obviously these are the things that needed to have changed if we have a little one. I took the plunge and handed in my notice without a job to go to and I was getting more anxious as time ticked on to my leaving date. At the last hour, I had an interview, got the job and started work a week and a half after my leaving date! It was very nerve-racking but the risk paid off!

So we met with Sandra for our first home visit with her. She is very nice and she was a refreshing change from Lucy as she seemed more experienced and gave us her opinions about things. It seems that Lucy didn’t really fill out our PAR properly and just copied and pasted what we had written to her! There seemed to be lots of things that Lucy didn’t do which is frustrating as we have told/sent information to her about three times and she still didn’t put it in the form. What was nice about Sandra was that even though she arrived late, she stayed late to ensure that we had enough time to discuss things! Sandra’s method is very different from Lucy. Lucy stuck to the PAR (the form social workers use to complete during home-visits) and asked questions about a specific topic every week. However, Sandra talks to us as if she is having a chat without any obvious question she is getting at. We know that she does have some points she wants to address but she does it in a very gentle way so you feel more comfortable and your real self comes out.

Sandra wanted to rewrite our form and fortunately, there is enough content to be getting on with. At this stage, she was unsure of when we would get to panel. We are unsure of what is going to happen when we finally get to panel and whether Sandra will be our family finder. She is unsure of that herself at the moment.

At least things are on the move again!

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