Monthly Archives: August 2013

Yet again, a long overdue post

AgainĀ it’s been over a month since I last posted and I wish I could say it was because we were so busy with adoption stuff but it isn’t. So the last time I blogged, we were due to see the heavily pregnant Lucy for our last visit before she goes on leave. However, it didn’t happen. She emailed us last minute again saying she is cancelling our appointment as she wanted to meet us with her replacement a week later. That seemed fair enough so we made a provisional date and she said she would contact us… well, you can imagine what happened next. No phone call. Nothing. Nada. We emailed her a week later to see what was going on. After a typically long time, Lucy replied to us to say that her replacement had taken another post last minute and so we didn’t have a social worker when she was going on leave. However, she said that she would have a chat with her manager that day and will let us know… Well, can you see a theme emerging here? Yes, weeks again past and we emailed Lucy again who tells us that it is her last day (beginning of August) and that her colleague, Sandra, will be taking over our case and is very excited to meet us and will be in contact with us…

So three weeks later, we hear nothing. I’m beginning to think that Sandra does not exist. We emailed Lucy’s managers a week ago and haven’t heard anything. No wonder so many children are in care for so long!