Life gets in the way and a rant

Gosh it’s been over a month since I’ve last blogged which is a bit pants of me. Life does sometimes get in the way what with holiday, birthdays, work etc. My beloved and I decided that we needed a holiday, with the thought that this could be our last blow out holiday without the financial pressures and constraints of little ones. Not that we see children as constraints but rather, as different.

Well the last time I blogged, we have had two home visits with Lucy which isn’t a lot. To be honest, it’s not going as well as we first experienced. I was so happy that Lucy didn’t seem like all the other horror social worker stories you can read online etc. However, I think her pregnancy is making her tired, cranky and generally not as efficient or friendly as she used to be.

Since learning our lesson from last time, we have made sure that we get our homework in on time before the next appointment. Consequently, we assume that we are going to talk about our homework as we have had time to think about thesse soul-searching, big questions in life – like we did in the first session. However, our social worker, Lucy decides to talk about something else and drops a big questions about life and choices etc. and then expects us to answer straight away without prior thought or discussion.

Also, we go to her office and have to take annual leave to see her so we can make see her during work time and to make it easier for her. However, she keeps us waiting about 15 minutes everytime (she only has to come down in a lift) and I just think its bloody rude! She also doesn’t respond to our emails anymore (and it’s more like we’re sending her loads).

Finally, she moans about being pregnant and how she can’t wait to finish (which is fair enough as she is probably over-worked and tired) but when you consider she is talking to potential adoptees, it’s pretty insensitive. She also makes jokes about how we ‘inconvenience’ her or that she is sure that our homework will be ‘beautifully written’ (she has made comments before about how efficient we are with our homework).

I know she is still a nice person and wants us to do well but it’s tiring to hear these things and to wait for her to come downstairs when we’ve travelled to see her and really, she’s supposed to come to our home but apparently, we are ‘killing her’ with the journey when it’s really not that far.

Anyway, that is enough of my rant. I think she needs to go on adoption leave. She has decided that she will ‘fact find’ and not do any analysis on our PAR form. We have one more session with her (so not looking forward to it) and then we wait until the local agency have found a replacement for her. I wonder how long this will take and if they have even found a replacement for her. I fear that this will make our approval process even longer and that we may get someone we don’t get on with. Another part of me remains the optimist and that hopefully we will get someone who isn’t pregnant and tired but is lovely. However, whatever voice I listen to, the fact remains that this will hamper our process.

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