First home visit & cleaning

The day finally came to meet our social worker. We cleaned our house, but not too clean as we heard that some people were hampered in the adoption process because social workers said they were “too tidy”. Not sure if this was an urban myth or actually true but we weren’t taking any chances!

Its funny because I’ve read quite a lot of blogs, stories etc. about people manically cleaning their abodes in preparation for their home visits. Its understandable really as its quite a nerve-wracking time because you feel like you’re going to be judged in your own home; your precious place where you eat, sleep and play and you adorn in your own tastes. Judge your home, judge the very nerve centre of you, so no wonder you spend hours cleaning. Cleaning is also a very good task to do to make you think you could somehow control an uncontrollable situation, and there is no better situation to make you out of control than the anticipation of the first home study!

Anyway, we needn’t have worried as Lucy, our social worker, didn’t even look at the house! Lucy was very nice and soon put us at ease and we were all laughing. She went through about what was going to happen and we went through our diaries to put in future meetings. The most surprising thing is that she is pregnant and wants us to panel before she goes on maternity leave which is in three months time! I’ll wait and see if it will proceed that fast. We are going to try and do as much as we can to get to the next step quickly so I need to go and do my homework!

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