Last prep group

We’ve had our last prep group and even though, I will miss having these groups, I am so glad that I have my weekends back. Now we are waiting for a social worker to be allocated to us which should take a couple of weeks. Without knowing it, I think I was expecting this whole process to take over my life. I only realised that when the local authority said goodbye, good luck and wait to hear from us and you’re back in real life. I thought that the process would consume you and it would be a kind of ‘project’ in which you expect to focus on. In reality, your life goes on, knowing that in the background, the next step is there somewhere in the shadows, ready to pop out again when the social worker gets in touch. I wonder if this is how it’s going to be for the rest of the assessment period?

Which brings me neatly onto the next steps of the process. Once we get the social worker allocated, I think we would start the home study which is about 6 months of hard-core vists to your house and for the SW to get to know you. It’s an interesting and slightly terrifying idea but hopefully, the idea of it is more scary than it actually is.

So my life goes on, and like Penelope, the faithful wife of Odysseus, I shall wait patiently for the assessment period to begin. I just hope it won’t be 20 years though!*

*and without people trying to marry me, and I can’t weave but you get what I mean hopefully.

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