Not so good news anymore

So after a period of highs, I hear that I don’t get the job at my old work. Even worse, I hear that other people knew I hadn’t got it before I did. This was what really upset me the most as it meant putting some of my old colleagues, who are friends into an awkward situation. I also felt sad because this meant that we were back to the drawing board about my beloved being the primary carer and questions as to whether we could still go ahead with adopting due to our finances.

I cried, cried and cried somemore the night I heard as I was bitterly disappointed, especially as so much was riding on it. My beloved and I had major discussions that night as a serious doubt crept in about whether we could still afford to adopt. As the hours passed, the doubt grew and grew. After a very emotional night, we retired to bed as I am a great believer that things look better in the morning. And they did. I awoke feeling somewhat emotional but had more resolve and determination to start again. As Destiny’s child once said, dust myself off and try again, try again… ahem…

So here I am, finally up to date and ready to try again to find a job in these difficult times. So I guess its time to dust off my CV and pimp myself out onto the job market.

In the meantime, I will finish off my homework for the next prep group. I won’t be posting as much as I have done as I have now caught you up with my news and I doubt there will be much until then. If you have reached this point, thanks for sticking with it so far!

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