Good news here, there and everywhere

Knowing how social workers are busy and from our previous experience with them, and reading about other people’s experiences, we weren’t expecting to hear from the social worker until 4 weeks later, even though she said 2 weeks. So you can imagine my surprise when I got a voice mail saying that we were accepted by them and that a space had opened up onto their preparation group that was due to start two days later!

Not only that but I also had the interview a day later for the other job. Everything was happening so fast which was great! The interview went really well and the first day of the preparation group was fantastic too.

I was concerned that some other people would be homophobic or a bit cautious that we were a same sex couple, but it wasn’t like that at all. There was only one straight couple, two other same-sex couples and the rest were single adopters. I had also expected to not like at least one social worker there (due to reading other blogs) but they were all lovely! The day was long and intense but uplifting too. It was crammed with We went away with some home work to do about ourselves to bring back next week. Three more days of prep groups over 3 weeks, and then I think we get allocated a social worker to start the proper hardcore home-visits.

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