The search begins and the first home visit

Soon after our budgeting talk, I get wind that there is a managerial role at my old company. This role would be perfect for us as it would mean that my beloved could be primary carer and I would bring in not just enough bacon, but a whole gammon back home. I await eagerly for the job to be advertised.

At the same time, we complete the enquiry forms for the new local authority, not expecting a quick reply. Two weeks later, however, I get a phone call asking when they can send round a social worker and that they would like to do this straight after Christmas (we were in the beginningish of December at this point). Flabbergasted at their efficiency, I managed to arrange a date with them soon after the Christmas period.

The manager job is advertised and I apply and wait for the first home visit.

We weren’t so scared about the home visit as we were last time. I expect this is because we knew what to expect. As you would imagine, we cleaned the house and got the spare room ready to receive a tired traveller (so they didn’t have to imagine it being a bedroom). Luckily, we already had the furniture left over from having a lodger in the past.

The social worker was one of those typical “salt-of-the-earth, nothing phases me” characters which was great as the previous social workers were fascinated that we were two women. This social worker didn’t bat an eyelid which should be the right way to look at it. To me, my sexuality is just one facet of my character just like having brown eyes and you don’t get people fascinated by that do you (well, if you have lovely eyes of course, then lucky you).

After two hours of intense questioning, we showed her the flat and she commented on liking a bit of furniture and asked about the locks on the windows (of course she looked at everything but I am just being facetious), told us that the next stage is the preparation group which was next available in May and that we would hear in two weeks if we could progress to the next level. We felt a bit stunned but felt it went better than last time. Due to last time however, we weren’t very hopeful.

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