Some back story and choosing a Local Authority

Two posts in one day? Yes indeedy. To confess, I did start this blog back in October and got confused by this whole blog lark and then gave up. However, things are now progressing and I can fill you in on the back story.

My beloved and I have read books and joined New Family Social which is a great and supportive website. We have talked to one Local Authority adoption agency and have some knowledge about the process and what it entails. A couple of years ago, We applied to one local authority but our flat wasn’t suitable so we moved to somewhere more suitable.

We have now moved and decided it was time to start again. This time, however, we searched around for a local authority (LA) instead of going to the one we lived in. I don’t know why we didn’t go with a charity, going with a LA just seemed right for us.

Anyway, we went to a consortium open night which is basically lots of LAs all in one room, offering information about their service. It was very helpful to be able to talk to all of them at once. We were one of the last to leave! Most of the LAs were very nice as we interrogated them about same-sex couples, how long the procedure is, what kind of children they have at the moment (which sounds a bit horrible and consumer like but hopefully, you understand what I mean) and other stuff. We got a great feeling from one LA and after reading their literature and OFSTED report, we were convinced to choose them. I think choosing your LA/charity is very important as they will be assessing you and can affect your adoption process.

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